Introduction :
Hello, readers! Welcome to my blog which connects the gap between my world of designing, managing, and testing and my dedicated love for furry escorts. I am delighted to invite you to the exciting dimension of engineering and reveal the joy and adventures of pet ownership. There’s a lot to explore in the interesting intersection where technology meets the unconditional love of our two – legged or four-legged friends.

About Me :
I am Shreejal Suresh Rathod. The word ‘Shreejal’ means Pure Water and Devi Durga’s Wanderer. I was born and raised in Nagpur. I graduated from Nagpur University with a degree in Electronics Engineering and a CGPA of 8.51. I have always been a people person. I have been an animal lover since my childhood. Sometimes people can betray you but your pets never. I have deeply connected with animals, finding peace and joy in their presence.

I am here to Discover the Dual Passion of an Engineer and Pet Lover. As engineering student, we believe in the power of curiosity and limitless potential. As an electronics engineers,
we design, inspect, test, and update electronic systems, components, and software.

But this blog is not just about engineering stuff. There is also a remarkable bond between humans and animals. The only way to discover joy, laughter, and comfort is to bring pets into our lives. I believe that the love and companionship of our pets have the power to brighten even the darkest of days. So, let’s prepare your pet’s favorite treat with a cup of tea/ coffee and celebrate the unconditional love of our pet and the boundless affection that pets grant us.

With Love and Paws,